Girl on Film

Elizabeth Turner PREMIERE -
Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood

Elizabeth Turner PREMIERE -
Playing my Strat for the first time live,
October 2020, Blue Note, OKC

Elizabeth Turner PREMIERE -
Sad but True

Elizabeth Turner PREMIERE -
What Are People Saying?

Outlaw Turmoil: Tales from the Trails

Well my momma told me

Beth you better watch out

All those nasty men

Are gonna rip you dime for dime

But I got my pocket full of riches

And my broken guitar mode, guitar mode

And the story keep on a rollin'

From a Sad Man's Tongue

                   ~ Inspired by Sad Man's Tongue,


Singin' in my cell in 405

I should never shoot guns

I'm sittin' my time

    ~ Inspired by Sad Man's Tongue,


I took all of his money

And it was a pretty penny

I took all of his money

And I brought it home to Molly

She swore that she loved me

No never would she leave me

But the devil take that woman

Yeah you know she tricked me easy

Mush-a ring dumb-a do dumb-a da

~ Whiskey in the Jar, Metallica

Scenes from Room 24 Featuring King Diamond

Inspired by "Room 24" by Volbeat

Outlaw Turmoil Promos

Johnny Hollis & Elizabeth Turner

The following 3 vids are works that show my weakness as an entertainer (yes I sometimes cringe when I hit "publish")...but a personal reminder that there is always room to grow, learn, and improve. I am at peace sharing with the public my vulnerable, experimental side, which is a strange paradox. Every experienced musician out there knows live sound is never very fair, kind, or even accurate, especially when captured by unprogrammed audio devices such as cellphones or video cameras. This was the first or second time we ever performed the first two of these tunes live. The last video is a clip of progress on my Strat. Audio is not great, but one can focus on what the video is trying to communicate, and that may have very little to do with how it actually sounds or appears.

Elizabeth Turner PREMIERE -
Bad Reputation

Elizabeth Turner PREMIERE -
Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Elizabeth Turner PREMIERE -
Clip - Sad Man's Tongue
July 2021, Belle Isle, OKC