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"Elizabeth Turner is one of the most exciting, real, honest performers I've ever experienced. She brings a real raw honesty to the stage. I've never witnessed a performance by her I was not fully engaged by the music and the performance. Her versatility is truly a talented gift! If you're looking for a first-class, professional entertainer the only name you need to know is Elizabeth Turner!"

Timothy Vanover

Experienced Concert Promoter 30+ years

Senior Judge Oklahoma's Got Talent 

Senior Producer and Executive Director of The Yellow Rose Dinner Theater

Moore, OK (2020)



"Elizabeth Turner?! What a voice. Powerful. Pure. Passionate. Performance driven music from the heart. From the soul. Shine on you crazy diamond!"

Fritz Taylor


Friends of Friends

Oklahoma City, OK (2020)

Colorful Diamond
Hipster Girl

"A few years ago I went out to watch a band like I do every weekend. I'm not easily amazed by any performance that I watch. This night was different and I would like to point out I've been in the business for a very long time. When Elizabeth Turner took the stage it was Electrifying and every eye in the room was on her. What a Spectacular and Superb performance. Her vocals were outstanding and the show was Breathtaking. I have seen very few who even come close to this level of Excellence! If you ever get a chance to watch one of her shows, do not miss a performance by Elizabeth Turner!"

Larry Morris

Reviews by Larry

Oklahoma City, OK (2020)



"Elizabeth Turner is a complete professional in her approach to her work/art. A dynamic and exciting performer with a loyal following. While not predictable, her fans know to expect her to employ her considerable vocal skills combined with a visual experience marked with a sensual athleticism. She mixes easily with her audience and folks love her."

Rick Weldon 

Rick Weldon Photography

Oklahoma City, OK (2020)

"Elizabeth Turner is one of the top female vocalists in the Oklahoma area and is a true talent in many forms. I was blown away the first time I had the pleasure of hearing her sing. She also has a strong ability to work and capture the crowd. I highly recommend following this true entertainer."

Kevin Pendley

Spikey Productions

Edmond, OK (2020)

"Elizabeth Turner is the consummate performer. She has entertained at our venue for over 10 years and is loved by our audiences. She is both talented and versatile. We consider her an asset to our theater."
Michael Cooper
Director of Entertainment
Yellow Rose Theatre
Moore, OK (2020)

"An artist that brings it full force every show. Her level of showmanship and energy is unmatched in the Oklahoma Music Scene. If you have not had the chance to hear her, you should really check her out."

Echo Punk

Echo Productions

Oklahoma City, OK (2020)

"Elizabeth is a fearless and dynamic live performer, and when I am in the studio, her rich voice is my weapon of choice to add character to soundtracks and songs."

Terry Spears


19 Artist Development

Burbank, CA (2020)

Anchor 1

The Elizabeth Turner PREMIERE was established in the summer of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The PREMIERE includes a collection of concept shows with versatility in genres and themes. PREMIERES include stage theatrics and scripts but music and delivery are the hallmark. Musicians may change with each PREMIERE and will feature special guests. Main genres: rock, rockabilly, alternative, metal, indie. Minor genres: pop, R & B, jazz, blues, reggae, classic country, gospel

The Elizabeth Turner PREMIERE debuted on October 2, 2020 at the Blue Note Lounge in Oklahoma City. The performance was one set only and sampled a selection of songs that were performed in the first full PREMIERE. Show time was midnight.

The first FULL PREMIERE took place in spring 2021 and was called Outlaw Turmoil, which was a concept project devoted to outlaws, gangsters, and mobster-types. Outlaw Turmoil was a redemption story about an outlaw. It reminds us no matter how dirty, dangerous, and unfair life may be living as an outlaw, THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!

To see videos, media, and dates from the outlaw concept, please visit                                   and 


Welcome to the Elizabeth Turner PREMIERE!!

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